Register as a Local Vendor

Fee: $125.00 Vendors will receive one(1) table and two(2) chairs. A local vendor is a small business such as a food truck, souvenir vendor, etc. who sells their products at Feria.

Payment is due by Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Check-in is at 10 AM in front of Taller Puertorriqueño, 2600 N. 5th. Your organization needs to be set-up by 11:15 AM, after this time there is no car access to N 5th street. There is a $25 security deposit when you register, returned at the end of the afternoon when you close down your table.


Free street parking is available in the area.

For more information, please contact Irayma Olivencia Rodriguez at 2215-426-4990- ext 9003 Office or

Rent your tent here

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