Inca Wayra, “The Inca’s Wind”

Inca Wayra, “The Inca’s Wind” is a group directed by Juan Ore, and is a staple of the DC Latino community for Andean Music.  For the past 25 years the quintet has entertained and kept the Andean music alive in international community festivals in Montgomery County, MD, Arlington and Richmond, VA and Washington DC. In addition Inca Wayra has presented several times at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian(NMAI) Link: as well as in area restaurants and private events.
For the program, they will play a variety of songs not only from their native Peru but also from Bolivia and other South American countries.
Inca Wayra has performed the Inti Raymi Festival at the National Museum of the American Indian (part of the Smithsonian) and other special events. The group has always gone the extra mile to present the best musical traditions, using both acoustic and digital instruments for the best sound. They also work to accommodate the venue’s needs, such as presenting a demonstration of the traditional instruments after the performance.
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