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Feria del Barrio Goes Virtual

Sunday, September 20th, 2020

Celebrating 36 years of community and sharing to the beat of live music, dance, activities for the family, we invite you to be part of Feria del Barrio 2020! (Feria). Scheduled for Sunday, September 20, 2020, this all virtual program responds to the realities of the time. But, we promise it will still be a celebration of community, of arts and culture, of education and economic development in the Golden Center.  Enjoy this vibrant all virtual shortened but fun event for the whole family supported by TV media partner Telemundo62 and our corporate partner PECO.

The circumstances this year prevent us from meeting in person, having sponsors, tables, etc., but we still felt strongly that we wanted to reach our community with an event that brings us together as community.

We are also taking the opportunity to honor many local heroes that overcoming obstacles continue to provide services and make us proud.

Feria is a collaboration between Taller Puertorriqueño (Taller), Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha (APM), Congreso de Latinos Unidos (Congreso), HACE,  and Raíces Culturales Latinoamericanas (Raíces).

David Groverman, 35th Feria Honoree

Married 44 years to Linda, with three children Peter, Leslie (Axel), and Jennifer (Filip Olechowski) and two grandchildren (Leslie & Axel Bergeson). He lived in the Philadelphia region all his life. He graduated from the University of PA in 1974 with a BA in Biology. He went back for business courses at Temple University. Since the early 80’s he has been involved in commercial real estate.

His developments include Ardmore Plaza, Overbrook Plaza, Wynnefield Plaza, and Plaza Allegheny. In addition, he developed properties in the suburbs and University City. Presently he has a niche developing inner-city properties in neighborhoods like Fairhill. He’s attracted to underserved communities on gateway transitional neighborhoods, where he believe the transition is on its way up. He gets great pleasure creating something where nothing existed Plaza Allegheny was originally an old RR siding and auto salvage yard. His greatest satisfaction is when people come up to him and thank him for his work.

His involvement in the community has necessitated a collaboration of the needs of the community and a vision of what could be, given the marketing, financial, and practical aspects to take a vacant piece of ground and develop the shopping center that exists today.

When he first started looking at this project, he had many factors to deal with. Just the ground itself and the multiple entities of ownership was daunting. Add to that the unique socio-economic issues of the community. If you only looked at the negative aspects of the community you would simply walk away.

What attracted him to this development was the underlying sense of community. This is a place where families call their home. They buy vacant homes to keep their children, sisters, and brothers near them. He saw a need for a place where the community could meet, shop, do their laundry, find a doctor, etc.

He’s not done yet. He looks forward to completing this project in the coming year and he hopes you will all be pleased when it’s finally completed.

Tents for Feria Vendors

Any table participant can take advantage of renting these tents for $100 for the day.  They can contact the vendor and make arrangements directly with him.

For details, please contact ExpoMax at 610-724-5248(mobile) or

35th Feria del Barrio Program

Click on the download button for a PDF of Feria program.

Performing this year in Feria is:

Los Tecuanes

Grupo Los Tecuanes, a Mexican dance group based in the Washington, DC area,  will perform two dances.  Los Viejitos is a typical Mexican dance showing the playful character of Mexicans as they age and make fun of themselves and yet respect their maturity.  The second dance is very typical of Puebla and represents the strong Native American (Mixtec/Aztec) influence on the Mexican culture.  The characters are in pursuit of the Jaguar or is the Jaguar in pursuit of the Characters? Seeing the performers wearing impressive handmade masks and costumes, you will experience a very different element of Mexican culture than the folkloric ballet dances one usually sees. 

Organizing partners/Organizadores:

Taller Puertorriqueño, Asociacion Puertorriqueños en Marcha, Congreso de Latinos Unidos, HACE y Raíces Culturales Latinoamericanas.

Main Sponsors/Gracias a nuestros auspiciadores:

PNC Arts Alive, and the City of Philadelphia Commerce Department, in addition to Telemundo 62, Xfinity, PECO, Health Partners, Philadelphia Corporation for the aging, Children Crisis Treatment Center, Vámonos Tours, Gateway Health, and Health Partners Plans

Anthony Colon, Guest Appearance

Anthony Colon

A guest appearance with salsa star Anthony Colon, interpreting his hit, “Puerto Rico es Fuerte”. Mr. Colon is a major, internationally recognized salsa recording artist and bandleader. He has traveled the globe as lead singer for Edgar Joel Orchestra and in support of his solo releases, “Ahora Es Que Es” (EMI) and “Puerto Rico es Fuerte”.

Ballet Folklórico Hermanos Ayala

The Ayala Brothers Folkloric Ballet specializes in the “bomba” dance tradition of Loíza, Puerto Rico since its formation in 1959, under the initiative and leadership of Castor Ayala Fuente. At a time when bomba dancing was almost inexistent, this group of dancers and drummers awakened the interest not only of practicing artists but of those that wanted to see the group perform, including performances on TV.

Throughout their 60 year-long artistic careers, the Ayala brothers have promoted and broadcasted the bomba dance tradition in and outside Puerto Rico.  In 1973, they became the first foreign cultural, artistic delegation to participate in the Mexican Independence Parade Celebration. 

In the United States, they have performed at Hostos Community College, Symphony Space, and Central Park in New York City, in Boston, at Villa Victoria Center and Clifford Park.  In addition, they have performed at the Lisner Auditorium of George Washington University, Washington, D.C ., and in venues across Florida, Pennsylvania, and Illinois among others. Internationally, they have performed in Perú, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico, and the Ballet has participated in TV presentations in Spain as well as in documentaries for English and French television. They were featured in the Discovery Channel Travel and Living, about the St. James Festival tradition of Loíza, and they performed in the Organización de Telecomunicaciones de Iberoamérica (OTI) Latin American Song Festival.

In summary, the Ayala Brothers Folkloric Ballet have helped rescue the Puerto Rican bomba from almost complete obscurity, and have, with their performances, cooperation in documentaries, theater, TV, festivals, etc. have been able to educate the public, in Puerto Rico and internationally. They are the role model for the formation of multiple groups and ensembles that keep bomba alive today. 

Currently, the group is led by Raúl & Raquel Ayala.