A letter to Dr. Dante Sanchez

Dear Carmen,

I was broken hearted when I read today that Dr. Dante Sanchez passed away and that your Fiesta Del Barrio will be honoring him.

He was one of the most amazing and kindest human beings that I have ever met. Dante was an extremely gifted man in many directions. He was the founder of many important organizations in Philadelphia and contributed a lot to our culture. Most important of all he had a heart of gold. He gave of himself generously and genuinely and would never reject a person in need because of their financial situation or social status. He was a true Christian man who always had time for those who needed him. He is an inspiration to me, because he is one of the most outstanding people I ever met. I had the pleasure of meeting his wife and family and my heart goes out to them.

Thank you, Dante, for all your incredible work in Philadelphia.  You will never be forgotten.

Maria Del Pico Taylor

Professor of Piano

Temple University

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